Transform your Wellness

Developing your super power & become a self-doubt crusher

March 19, 2021

Welcome to the TRANSFORM YOUR WELLNESS  Podcast with Karin Hagberg

Developing your super power & become a self-doubt crusher

In this podcast Karin Hagberg interviews Delshad Xenakis, confidence builder and mindset changer from San Diego in California 

The Transform Your Wellness Podcast is created to inspire its listeners to step into their authentic selfs, to become empowered & to strive for living a balanced life, a life of ultimate wellness and joy. 

Delshad Xenakis is a confidence builder and mindset changer from San Diego in California 

Karin Hagberg

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💗Wellness /NLP/ Life Coach (living Oola)

😀AromaFreedom Technique Practitioner


✔️Body Worker / Healer (remedial massage/reiki/raindrop technique/NST)

🧘‍♀️Author of the book “Body Awakening & founder / host of the online Body Awakening Movement Program (online program)

🧘Personal Trainer, Pilates & Yoga Instructor

🌸Essential Oil Coach

👍Founder of Aspire Wellbeing

🔮Crystal Healer & founder of Crystals, Essential Oil & Mindfulness (online program) & maker or unique Crystal diffuser Malas and bracelets.,

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Helping You TRANSFORM YOUR WELLNESS - living a life of balance, ultimate Wellbeing and a life lived with passion 💗


About Me

🧘‍♀️I’ve immersed myself in my passion of wellness and helping people in this area since I was 18.

💗I love seeing people Transform their life and wellness around and most of all see them create balance and to be courageous to follow their path of passion and love. Im interested in why you do what you do.

🚣I competed on international level of rowing and that brought me from Sweden to Australia where I rowed at the 1999 world rowing championships.

👩‍👧‍👦I have two grown up kids and one grandchild which I love

🇸🇪I was born in Sweden and have now lived here since I was 23 years old.

🚣🚴‍♀️I enjoy surfski paddling, mountain biking, strength training, Pilates, Yoga and spending time in nature.

✔️I am the host of the Transform Your Wellness PodBean Podcast.

🙌🏻I love photography & create inspirational quote images

🔮I love crystals & essential oils! I even create my own unique crystal diffuser Malas and bracelets.

🍱 I love cooking healthy food, particularly plant based.

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